Adventures in the Thunderpeaks

Story So Far


You are a bunch of random adventurers who found each other in, or very close to, a town called Winterhaven. (A small town nestled in the Thunder Peaks a weeks travel north-east of Suzail in Cormyr.)

Hagar hired Mundungus as a guide to take him from Suzail to Winterhaven for the purposes of reuniting with an old friend of his. (Mungungus, can you please fill us in on how you managed to convince Hagar that you knew what you were doing…. Mundungus: ‘Ha! That simpie fool. I justs told him that my father was a legendary guide, and that he passed all the secrets downs to me. That Hagar bloke is so fick he believed me. Course I am pretty handy wiv a sword or two, and I knows how to tell one herb from anuver. If it weren’t for me the bastard would be dead on a sword, or choking on his own vomit from a plant he thought looked tasty.’ ). I also believe that, to this date, Hagar has not paid Mungungus for this service yet.. (Mundungus: ‘The bastard owes me the sum of 1000gp!’)

Nearing Winterhaven, Hagar and Mundungus stumbled upon a heavily intoxicated Human Barbarian (whos name escapes me right now). They were then hit on by some Kobolds and our first 4ed encounter was rolled out. The Barbarian (whos best powers and abilities came from going into a rage) insisted that he was a pacifist and tried to convice the Kobolds that ‘love is the way’. This scored him a few lumps to the head as the battle ensued regardless of his pleas for peace.

After dealing with the lizard-folk, the two travellers half carried the barbarian the rest of the way into Winterhaven where they set themselves up in the tavern, meeting an Eladrin Swordmage called Naivara. She was curious and interested in the potential fun and spoils of an adventurers life and promptly joined the party.

After pleas from the locals in Winterhaven the four adventurers went out on a couple of missions against more kobolds. The Barbarian met an untimely end during these early encounters and his player, Steven (who hasn’t been back since), decided d&d wasn’t for him after all.

In Winterhaven, not long after the Barbarian’s departure from the game, a Tiefling Wizard called Iadoson was met by the now party of three in the tavern. He had secretly followed semi-closely behind Hagar and Mundungus from Suzail to Winterhaven, believing some lie a fortune teller had told him about much wealth and power to be gained by spending time with a particularly clumsy yet heavy hitting dwarf and a rather smelly, dirty and incredibly ugly human.

(The fortune teller was killed the following day by an angry Drow Rogue called Bastion. Bastion was very put out that the fortune teller didn’t believe that he was a “god” in drow form…with limited powers…and no followers….and a long journey ahead of him to reclaim his “god- hood”.....)

Anyway, Iadoson quickly joined the party and set out on many more adventures with the group in and around Winterhaven.

Some noteable people the group met in Winterhaven are:

- Valthrun the Prescient. He has a library in his tower full of old tomes. You guys developed a good relationship with him when you were spending some time in Winterhaven.

- Bairwin the Shopkeeper (dec). You killed him because he was the leader of a cult that was tied in with Kalerel.

- Sir Keegan. The ghostly skeletan who suffered tragically 100 years ago and is holding himself prisoner for the rest of eternity for his terrible acts..

- Kalarel (dec). The evil end boss dude you killed inside Keep on the Shadowfell. He was performing a ritual to open a rift that would let the dragon Shadraxil out of captivity. You guys put a stop to that.

- Lord Padraig. The town’s lord. You developed an ok relationship with him. He is still wary of Mundungus and has not yet met Bastion.

- Salvana Wrafton. The lady inn-keeper/owner of Wrafton’s inn.

- Eilian the Old. Old man in the inn who likes to talk and tell stories.

- Splug the Goblin. Who escaped from your captivity inside Shadowfell Keep. You haven’t seem him since.

While in and around Winterhaven you:

  • fought kobolds (who were causing trouble around town in the farms etc.
  • learned about an ancient keep. (Keep on the shadowfell).
  • discovered cultist activity and put a stop to it.
  • entered the keep on the shadowfell and fought your way to the the last fight with Kalarel. In which you were, of course, victorious…

While inside the Keep on the shadowfell, you met Mr T, the dragonborn paladin who was guarding a temple of his god Bahamut. Mr T decided that a bigger threat to this temple existed if he didn’t help out the party in their quest throughout the rest of the keep so he joined you and has since decided to stay with you. This decision has been primarily made because he feels Bahamut is urging him not to leave them at this point, and indeed, to protect them at all costs.

Since joining the party, Mr T has taken the role of party leader by default.

The last time you were in Winterhaven, the villagers were cheering you for saving them all and you left Winterhaven for Fallcrest with AAA+++ repore with the village of Winterhaven. (Bastion, you were not part of the team at this point…)



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