Adventures in the Thunderpeaks

Entrance to the Pyramid of Shadows and Meeting Vyrellis

The party found themselves in a moving pit of dead bodies. They were then faced with an encounter consisting of two giant wormlike poisonous tenticled creatures, a giant with two heads who seemed very interested in adding their heads to his collection, and a few zombies.

They dealt with the enemies fairly quickly and managed to climb out of the pit. (except for Mr T who managed to lose his grip while climbing and land painfully on one of the giant’s sharp weapons..)

Upon searching the room that surrounded the pit, Bastion found a Black Obsidian Orb which has a severed head of an Eladrin princess floating inside it. This head spoke to Bastion and provided the party with some information about their current predicament. The Eladrin’s name is Vyrellis.

The party then headed south and was ambushed by some evil plant like creatures in an environment very different to the one they had jus been in. This room was suddenly like an outdoor setting with a dirt floor and a giant floor to ceiling hedge growing perfectly well. This encounter also contained a dire boar and a howling hag.

You had a hallway to the West and a hallway to the South. You chose to continue South and came to a set of double doors.

End of session.



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