A small town nestled in the Thunder Peaks a weeks travel north-east of Suzail in Cormyr.

Noteable Personalities:

- Valthrun the Prescient. He has a library in his tower full of old tomes. You guys developed a good relationship with him when you were spending some time in Winterhaven.

- Bairwin the shopkeeper. You killed him because he was the leader of a cult that was tied in with Kalerel.

- sir keegan. The ghostly skeletan who suffered tragically 100 years ago and is holding himself prisoner for the rest of eternity for his terrible acts..

- Kalerel. The evil end boss dude you killed inside Keep on the Shadowfell. He was performing a ritual to open a rift that would let the dragon Shadraxil out of captivity. You guys put a stop to that.

- Lord Padraig. The town’s lord. You developed an ok relationship with him. He is still wary of Mundungus and has not yet met Bastion.

- Salvana Wrafton. The lady inn-keeper/owner of Wrafton’s inn.

- Eilian the Old. Old man in the inn who likes to talk and tell stories.

- Splug the goblin who escaped from your captivity inside Shadowfell Keep. You haven’t seem him since.


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