Mundungus: ‘A place full of poshy no good tosser bastards. They can take their poshy pate shit and get fucked.’

Here the party got a lead to the Thunderspire mountains and Seven pillared hall, via a halfling shopkeeper going by the surname of halfmoon. His son had ventured to the seven pillared hall and not returned.

At the seven pillared hall, the party found the halfling tied up and held captive.

They rescued, and he was so grateful, he invited the party to stay free of charge at his self-owned inn, The Halfmoon Inn, for as long as they chose to stay in the seven pillared hall.

The guards are noted as being particularly suspicious at Fallcrest, and after a particular trouble-making bard spread unfounded and terrible rumours about the party within the town, the party is no longer welcome.

Fallcrest is under possible threat from invasion by gnolls, who now overrun the seven pillared hall, numbering in the hundreds to perhaps the thousands.


Adventures in the Thunderpeaks Mundungus