Adventures in the Thunderpeaks

Meeting Kanatash and the Quest to find his brother...

Upon arriving back to Wraften’s Inn in Winterhaven from their night mission into the ancient Tiefling burial tombs nearby, Hagar and Bastion, completely covered in guano, set about getting cleaned up and waking their companions.

Bastion noticed a couple of musicians in the corner of the room snoozing away with their instruments nearby. One of them looked quite familiar. An old friend (/aquantance?) of Bastion’s named Kanatash. They got talking and it was discovered that Kanatash was searching for his brother.

Hagar required a new axe and Mundungus required healing for his gangrenous eye (that Hagar had poked out). Kanatash helped them both out scoring a good deal from the weaponsmith and the appropriate salves from the apocathary.

The party then had a quick meeting with Lord Padraig informing him of the potential death of all the villagers they were asked to save from slavery.

Kanatash then inquired with local villagers about his brothers whereabouts and discovered that he was not far off the trail afterall. Infact seemingly very close to finding him afterall.

Kanatash insisted on the others buying mounts so that they could travel quicker. All party members bought a horse each but unfortunately there was no mount available that could safely carry Hagar. As a result they decided the best method therefore was for Hagar to by a horse and cart. Unfortunately Hagar thought that the (relatively good and fair) price that the merchant was asking for this horse and cart was a bit too steep and decided to argue with the merchant. Mundungus quickly got jack of this behavior and bought the cart himself only to take it into the village square and burn it to the ground just to teach Hagar a lesson. It is not known at this point in time whether Hagar learnt the lesson or not.. Time will tell.

As a result of these proceedings, they bought Hagar a table and turned it upside down so that he could use it as a makeshift sled. 6 hours of travel on this however cause Hagar more grief and he suffered a penalty to his fortitude for the rest of the day.

Along their travels, the party came upon a circle of floating giant and very ancient stones. They could only speculate at the origin of such a thing and continued on their way shortly after.

After around 6 hours of travelling they found a cave entrance and 5 thugs with a pet Rage Drake. They had a quick chat and discuvered that these men were travelling with Kanatash’s brother Gharesh and that Gharesh and a few other men had entered the cave around half an hour ago upon which time they prompty disappeared. The party entered the cave to see what they could find out.

Not long after searching inside the cave Mundungus found some mushrooms and then tripped over a small, smooth, black pyramid shaped stone. He picked it up and showed the others. After a couple of moments investigating it they then found themselves being subjected to some kind of magic. The pyramid grew massive at a rapid rate or they grew smaller at a rapid rate. A vision of a tiefling wizard appeared before them and told them that they were trapped now in the Pyramid of Shadows...

Memorable quotes

Hagar to Kanatash during introductions:

“I’ll most likely be um.. in the heat of battle.. enemies surrounding me.. and I take them down”

Bastion in response:

“Ok, this is what really happens, in the heat of battle he wets himself, throws his axe, takes his (points at Mundungus) eye out, and rolls natural ones’ like no one I’ve ever seen before in my life.”

Sister Linora to Kanatash regarding Mundungus’s missing eye:

“What happened?”


“Ah… I think he..poked himself in the eye with a hammer.”

Sister Linora:

“With a hammer?”



Sister Linora:

“What is he, a blacksmith or something?”


“No… Just a moron.”



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