Adventures in the Thunderpeaks

Leaving Winterhaven

On your return to Winterhaven after defeating Kalarel (dec), you met a sprightly Drow Rogue named Bastion who seemed to be very interested in tagging along with you on your next adventure. I’m not sure what magic was abound that day but Mr T didn’t seem in the least bit concerned and even encouraged that Bastion joined the party.

At this point the party consisted of:

You were approached by a Dwarf Druid named Baern who was on a quest to track down his cousin Thain Cardanas. Thain Cardanas had apparently killed the king of their clan and stolen the crown. Baern agreed to help you guys out in the Keep on the Shadowfell in return for helping him locate and capture (alive) his cousin. You agreed and Baern joined your party for a few fights and then travelled with you to Fallcrest.

On reaching Fallcrest you got wind that Thain Cardanas was headed towards Thunderspire Labyrinth so you followed that lead and ended up reaching Thunderspire Labyrinth two days later.



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