Adventures in the Thunderpeaks

Continuing South of the Hedge Maze

You all thought the plant people in the hedge maze were a little creepy. You continued South after clearing the maze room and found yourselves looking into a room with a huge pit in the middle with sloped walls. On the other side of the room was a little hooved horned fey humanoid who played some pipes which initially caused a few issues. He ended up bull-rushing Bastion into the pit and it was then you discovered the shambling mounds at the bottom of the pit. Bastion copped quite a beating this encounter, going to below 0 hitpoints at one stage only to be completely healed by his old friend Kanatash shortly afterward.

The shambling mounds engulfed Hagar and Bastion and tried many times to engulf the poor old fey pipe-ist who couldn’t seem to climb out of the pit no matter how hard he tried. Eventually he did get out and did a runner. You haven’t seen him since.

The shambling mounds were finally reduced to a lot of small pieces of harmless shrubbery and another plant creature (Arborean) was destroyed as well.

After clearing the room, Kanatash performed some kind of ritual and eventually told you all to run, get the hell outta here.

You had a door to the West and a hallway to the East.

You down the hallway to the West which eventually opened up into a very large, long, room full of trees and monoliths and some more nasties to protect yourselves from.

- There was a cave bear that found Hagar to be a lot tougher than he originally thought, not managing to land one paw on the tough dwarf.

- There was a very large plant creature that just didn’t want to die but of course eventually did.

- The only other enemy in this room was another plant man (Arborean) who stayed out of hand to hand combat and caused trouble from afar. he used the monoliths for his first few attacks and then Bastion and Kanatash got jack of that and made a go at him one on one. Kanatash managed to put the plant man into light unconsciousness and then Bastion attempted the coup de gras. This did do a lot of damage to the poor plant man but wasn’t enough to kill him unfortunately and you spent a few more rounds suffering his plant spore breathing attacks until finally he died and you could focus on the other creatures.

There was no sign of the Fey piper from the previous room. Although you know that he did pass through here.

End of Session.



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